Ötztal Inside Summer Card
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A fabulous summer holiday in the Ötztal has a lot to offer for families and adventure-seeking guests. The best way to explore the full range of attractions is the ultimate Ötztal Inside Summer Card! This unrivaled holiday pass includes all the valley's attractions, must-sees and excursion sites.

What's best, we are an Ötztal Inside Summer Card partner accommodation. If you stay at our guesthouse (from 29.05. to 03.10.2021) you can take full advantage of all Ötztal Inside Summer Card highlights for free from the early morning of your second arrival day until the evening of your check-out day.

Cable Cars & lifts
Area 47 (Water Area)
Bike & cycle hire
Mini snooker & mini-golf
Bathing lakes, pools
Public buses
Ötztal Museums & Crafts